Formally PrettyFit Athletics

We offer fun and challenging 45 minute small group training workouts that can be scaled to any fitness level!

Never the same workout twice! We use a varity of equipment including dumbells, kettlebells, battle ropes, TRX, barbells, and much more! We use many different formats so you never get bored! Our workouts consist of strength training and high intensity interval training for a challenging and effective 45 minute workout. Our group trainers explain and demonstate each exercise in detail before the workout. They are moving around the room encouraging, motivating, giving modifications /advanced moves when needed and correcting form. 

We are located inside the Wayside Athletic Club in Marlboro. You DO NOT need a membership at Wayside to join our sessions.

Pictures/Video from our previous space

Why FitBoro Training?

Welcoming community - no cliques here! We cater to all ages & fitness abilities. New to working out? No problem! We will teach you and progress you from where ever you are starting from. We will push you to your individual limits.

At FBT we strive to give our members a welcoming, fun and challenging environment. We understand how starting your fitness journey or starting at a new gym can be intimidating. That is why we keep our classes small, give personalized attention and create a communtity vibe with fun challenges and events. We are not a big box gym, you will never just be a number to us. We want our members to look forward to coming to class and seeing results! 

"Never let time be a deterrent to a goal... the time is going to pass no matter what, you might as well get what you want."