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I cannot explain to you how much I love these classes! I am doing things I never thought I could do but flipping tires, sledgehammers, and pushing sleds are just a few. I love all of the people I have met through Jackie's classes and I can feel myself getting stronger every day- I love being sore and most importantly I feel comfortable working out in this environment. Try it- you will love it!


I have been taking PrettyFit classes with Jackie since October and I feel so much stronger. Jackie is a great coach, she encourages and pushes us every class. I am so glad I found PrettyFit!!


I sweat my butt off today! This class is NEVER boring, Jackie is always scheming up new methods of torture, errrr, I mean creative ways to get FIT. Come check out the class, you will be glad you did!!!!


1 year ago, I went to this early morning class and was TERRIFIED for days before and kind of sore for days after.

1 year ago I started feeling better, stronger and this may pound silly, but ABLE.

Today I flip tires!

Jackie, tho’ she be little, she is mighty and both she and this class have been an absolute lifesaver.

Come join us!